Purpose of visit of Limited Stay Visa

Family Reunification

A Limited Stay Visa shall be issued to a foreign national for the purpose of joining a husband and/or a parent who is a foreign national in possession of a Limited Stay Permit/Permanent Stay Permit or who is an Indonesian citizen, for the wife and/or single, legitimate child/childred who is/are under 18 (eighteen) years of age.


A Limited Stay Visa shall be issued to a foreign national for the purpose of Repatriation for a former Indonesian citizen or to regain Indonesian citizenship which was lost under Act No. 62/1958 concerning Citizenship of the Republic of Indonesia.

Senior Citizen Tourist in Indonesia

By Decree of the Minister of Justice No: M.04-IZ.01.02 year 1998, Foreign Senior Citizen Tourists shall be granted a limited stay permit with a validity of 1 (one) year, which can be extended for a maximum of 5 (five) times, each time with a renewal period of 1 (one) year – allowable for conversion into a permanent stay permit

Country of origin:

Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Britain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Finland, Luxemburg, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Spain, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunai, The Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

Requirements :

  • Applicant should be over 55 years age
  • 10 (ten) sheets of photograph (size 4 x 6 x cm) background red
  • Copy of passport, which is still valid for a Minimum of 18 months, and extendible at Anytime
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Statement of account issued by Pension Fund Institution or Banks declaring that a monthly Fund at not less than US$ 1,500.00 / month is Available to finance his/her stay in Indonesia
  • Medical insurance, mortality insurance and Legal Affairs (personal liability) insurance
  • Statement / Evidence verifying actual stay at Available accommodation facilities trough the Purchase of minimum US$ 35,000.00 or rental to The minimum amount of 500 / month
  • Statement to declare employment of a maid-Servant during his/her stay in Indoensia
  • Statement declaring not to engage oneself in Business activities or work for a living.