Transit Visa

Visa Provisions:

A Transit Visa shall be issued to a foreign national, in possession of a valid passport or other legal travel document which is valid for at least 6 (six) months, who is :

  • in transit in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia intending to continue his/her journey to another country;
  • a captain and crew members intending to sign on a sea vessel/aircraft which is operating in Indonesia .


  • (fourteen) days, calculated from the date of admission.
  • An Admission Permit for a foreign national in possession of a Transit Visa shall be valid as a Transit Permit during stay in Indonesia .
  • A foreign national holding a Transit Permit who is unable to continue his/her journey within the time limit of his/her Transit Permit because of Force Majeure shall be granted a Permit to Remain in Transit by the Chief Immigration of the Local Office. Extensions shall be valid for a period of 14 (fourteen) days calculated from the expiration date of the Transit Permit, for a maximum stay of 60 (sixty) days, calculated from the date of admission.


Transit Visa applications be submitted by the applicant concerned or by his/her sponsor to the Visa Officer overseas after fully complying with the general visa requirements.